Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dumber and Dumberer

As the Exchange Countdown Clock slowly - inexorably - winds down, our attention turns to the eternal question: "what's next?"

Ostensibly, folks who plan on buying their new health insurance from one of the public Exchanges will turn to one of those new-fangled "Navigators" for help. After all, these folks are new to the insurance purchasing process, and need highly trained folks brimming with integrity and advanced insurance knowledge.

Or maybe not:

"At a private briefing with federal officials last month, committee aides say they were told there would be no criminal background checks for navigators or requirements that they hold a high-school diploma"

Contrast this to actual licensed insurance agents. Here in Ohio (and I imagine these requirements are fairly universal across the other 57 states) one must have (at least) a high school diploma (or equivalent), take 40 hours of pre-licensing training, pass a rigorous licensing exam with a minimum of 70% correct answer, and complete over 20 hours of Continuing Education every two years.

Now who would you trust with your financial and personal information, let alone to help guide you to an informed purchasing decision?

Yeah, thought so.
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