Wednesday, May 01, 2013

About That Updated Application...

Bob's post yesterday got me excited. Finally the government is going to simplify things and make my life easier to sign up for health insurance. So I anxiously waited for the document to be released this morning and as soon as it hit I saw this story on Yahoo. According to the story there are only 12 pages for the family to complete. Wahoo!!!

The original was 26 pages and included pages for six family members to enroll. With five in my family I was looking at having to complete 22 to 24 pages. I had to see it to believe it so I pulled it off the CCIIO website.

It was a 12 page application...that allowed for TWO people to enroll. What about my three kids? How do I add them to the application? Reading into the detail a little further on the bottom of page two was the kicker. It says:
"If you have more than 2 people in your family, you'll need to make a copy of the pages and attach them."
Let's recap. The original 26 page application was designed to enroll six family members. It is now extinct and has been replaced by a new and simplified 12 page application for two people. For me to add all three children (each additional family member requires two pages) increases the new simplified app to 18 pages.

Saving 8 pieces of paper might excite Al Gore, but for most people it's still going to be a long process.
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