Friday, April 26, 2013

Throwing Water on a Grease Fire

PPACA was passed solely by Democrats. There was not a single vote from a Republican in favor of the law and not a single vote from a Democrat against the law. One would assume that expanding access to insurance for those who are without insurance and are high risk would come from Democrats right? Right?


This week Joe Pitts (R-PA) introduced the Helping Sick Americans Now Act. Essentially this bill would take money from the Prevention and Public Health Fund and re-open the high risk pool that was closed by the Obama Administration last month due to "cost concerns". The bill would also eliminate the 6 month waiting period for someone to enroll in PCIP.

Unfortunately, there are a number of unsettling things about this bill and PCIP. First, it's amazing that Democrats who wrote the law to protect those who need it most are fighting this and doing nothing to revive the broken program. Second, Republicans are willing to fix something broken with a law that they know is going to be a complete "train wreck". Third, while I commend House Republicans for showing some compassion I must ask "what are you thinking?". This bill is going to create an even quicker death spiral of the health insurance industry by expediting the no pre-existing conditions, guaranteed issue, community rating nightmare that we are all going to see in 2014.

The GOP should know that PCIP has served as a sample for PPACA in 2014. It has clearly failed. I just wish they would learn how to put the fire out properly.
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