Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Something new under the sun

Say what you will about the ethics of this, it's refreshing that even today folks are clever enough to come up with new insurance products:

Pirate Party launches file-sharer fine insurance"

The idea is that folks who share potentially illicit files over the internet and are caught doing so can turn to this new venture to pay any actual fines that are levied.

From what little I've been able to learn, this seems more analogous to those "sharing" plans set up by some churches:

"The plans share similarities in that the members pay monthly dues to cover some of the administrative fees associated with these plans. Above the dues comes the sharing of others burdens ... They are not insurance. This alone can create issues when the chips are down so to speak. If your claim is not paid, where do you turn?"

Aye, cap'n, thar's the rub.

Still, an innovative solution to a potentially pesky problem.
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