Thursday, April 11, 2013

Smoking is a Pre-existing Condition

Already true in DC.   And it's coming soon to every insurance policy sold on the Health Insurance Exchange in your neighborhood.

This news comes from an article in National Review Online which you can find here.  Why is it important? Because this is about a lot more than smoking:

 "There will be thousands and thousands of decisions like this in the coming years, and voters will have very little recourse against them. That is part of the genius of bundling the welfare state with the regulatory state"

The NRO article tells the story, there's nothing to add.  You need to read this story because the largely unaccountable Health Exchange Boards will surely affect us all - and that right soon.

Of course this is just another of the many wonderful trinkets we were promised we would find after, you know, the bill was passed.

Yeah, that bill.
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