Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paging Dr. Jethro

If you live long enough I suppose you will one day say you have seen it all. This one almost made me go to Snopes to check it out.
Hello. I would like to trade a 2006 mustang gt for the removal or suction of an egg sized brain cyst.
The Mustang Gt is white with gray leather interior. Tinted windows. AC, electric windows and seat. Automatic Transmission. Has all the bells and whistles, including a new DVD touch screen Deck, Shaker 500 sound and less than 40,000 on the odometer.


The Mustang sounds like it is "cherry".

The next line made me think this was some kind of sick joke.
The cyst is behind my right eyeball and looks fairly easy to get at. I'd try to get at it myself, but I've been trembling and had to bad of a headache to attempt any solo surgery. 

Of course the individual does not have health insurance.

Sounds like a perfect candidate for PCIP.

Unfortunately for him, the government ran out of money and closed PCIP to new enrollment last month.

But he is in luck.

Washington has a risk pool.

The Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP) is an independent, non-profit health plan created by the Washington State Legislature. We offer individual health insurance coverage to state residents rejected for coverage due to medical reasons.

With all these resources around, I am thinking this must be a really sick, left wing joke.

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