Wednesday, April 03, 2013

ObamaTax crumbling

We haven't written much about "the other" Exchange slated to go online shortly. The "Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) exchanges" will enable employees of small groups to compare and purchase plans.

Oh, did I say will?

Sorry, my bad:

"The Obama administration now says a special system of exchanges designed to make it easier for small businesses to provide insurance will be delayed an entire year -- to 2015."


Turns out, setting these things up is no mean feat. And so HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious has thrown up her (no doubt well-manicured) hands on rolling out the small group Exchanges.

So here's a question: there are a LOT fewer small businesses than individual citizens, and they can't get this part right. So tell me about that countdown timer in the sidebar...
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