Thursday, April 18, 2013

Obamacare in the Bay State

According to the current regime, RomneyCare (of Massachusetts fame) begat Obamacare. If RomneyCare had not been such a raving success (albeit thanks to federal Medicaid waivers) thanks at least in part to over $1 BILLION in federal tax dollars.

If Obamacare is to work as well as RomneyCare, where will the money come from? If the folks in Massachusetts needed $1 billion plus in federal seed money to get the plan running (2005 - 2008), how much will be required for the other 56 states?

Money aside, how do the citizens of Massachusetts feel about the Commonwealth Connector (RomneyCare)?
low-income and moderate-income users seem to be happy with the program.
But . . .
a team of outside researchers led by Alison Galbraith of Harvard found that about 60 percent of Massachusetts exchange users with two or more children and incomes under 400 percent of the federal poverty level reported that they found that paying for health care was a serious financial burden.
LifeHealth Pro

No complaints among those who got health insurance for free, but among those who had to pay it created a serious financial burden.

Why haven't we heard this before?

And how much has all this cost us (the folks who pay federal taxes to support this program)?

According to the Washington Post, last year Massachusetts locked in $26.75 billion in federal funds over the course of three years.

This is beginning to sound like one of Obama's "green energy" failures or the stimulus bridge to nowhere.
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