Monday, April 22, 2013

5th Amendment Insurance?

Okay, this one tickles me:

"Looking for someone who knows they will NOT buy health insurance next year. Pls get in touch"

The intrepid soul who tweeted (twitted?) this odd request is Dan Gorenstein, a reporter for (which "presents news on business, economics, and money"). The request seems odd, because a quick search turned up no similar requests from him for, say, folks who planned to cheat on their taxes next year, or rob a bank, or drive under the influence. Perhaps those are more "spur of the moment" decisions than deciding in advance not to buy insurance?

In the event, one wonders if Mr G plans to shield the alleged-future miscreant's identity from the IRS and/or Ms Shecantbeserious. Or if he/she will simply become an "anonymous source." Either way, it'll be interesting to see if a) anyone responds and b) how the story will go.

Sympathetically, one supposes.

Which is sort of a double-edged sword: too sympathetic, and one runs the risk of copy-cats, which any self-respecting member of the elite media would prefer to avoid. But too little might turn their readership off.

Quite the conundrum, no?
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