Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Wasn't Ezekiel Emanuel sort of "Projecting" here?

Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel and President Obama’s health care adviser during the Obamacare debate, conceded last month that medical insurance premiums are rising.  But, he suggests, the reason is a sinister insurance industry money grab because, don't forget, ACA will make them lower their medical insurance premiums next year:

[It's] in anticipation of 2014 and the fact that we’re going to have real competition in the exchanges and rates are going to come down,” he said when asked why insurance rates are rising as much as 25 percent. “It’s in anticipation of this dramatically changed marketplace and I think that’s what they’re doing.  Everyone is sort of [saying] ‘well. we don’t know what the future is, so let’s lock in as much money as we can.”

Oh, is THAT the sort of argument that impresses state insurance rate regulators?

Yeah, right Ezekiel.

On the other hand Ezekiel, thank you for the insight into how the Obama administration sort of went about locking in as much federal spending as it did, when launching its own stunningly irresponsible federal spending spree:
First claim you will not add "one dime" to the deficit.
Then raise federal spending by 20%  (btw, not including ACA)
Finally throw up hands and dig in heels over a 2% reduction. 
So it appears our present government grabs for spending and locks it in, sort of based on "we don't know what the future is."  Maybe.  But Ezekiel, that is certainly not sort of how insurance premiums are set.
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