Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Non-Announcement

This just in from (a major health insurance carrier) and we are passing it along. I believe  they want their agents to feel warm and fuzzy.

  1. The commission schedule you (the agent) have for underwritten (major health insurance carrier) business written in 2013 will not decrease.
  2. We guarantee your current commission schedule will apply for business underwritten in 2013 for the lifetime of the coverage, according to the terms of your contract.
A number of carriers have indicated they may take drastic measures, including ending current coverage of their customers. Despite what you have been hearing in the marketplace, (Major Health) Insurance Company is committed to you, your clients, and your future business. Our focus is to help you with the opportunity that exists today to write more business.

So what does all this really mean?

When you consider that any individual major medical policy written in 2013 for a 2013 effective date will have to be replaced with an Obamacare policy in 2014, those policies have a life expectancy of no more than 12 months.

This seems like a non-announcement to me.

The names have been redacted to protect them from looking foolish.

I don't think it worked.

I feel neither warm, nor fuzzy.
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