Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday LinkFest

■ As we've long noted (most recently here), The ObamaTax has proven quite lethal to the job market. As if more evidence was needed, we offer this little tidbit:

"Henderson Properties in Charlotte, has 48 employees and seven job openings. But he’s considering a hiring freeze ... if he hires two more employees, he’ll reach the 50-employee threshold that [triggers the ObamaTax Employer Mandate]"

Mr H best be thinking outside that box, as well: too many part-timers and he's screwed, too.

The science is settled! You and your fellow passengers can now breathe easier (or maybe not):

"A three-thousand word treatise published by The New Zealand Medical Journal on Friday has given anxious flyers prone to bouts of flatus good cause to breathe easy again, after a highly-scientific conducted by actual scientists produced empirical evidence supporting those in favour of farting on planes"

Ah, fresh air!

And because it's making its way - rapidly - across the 'net, here's more proof that ObamaTax advocates remain clueless:

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