Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Health Notes

■ First up, some great Food Pyramid news:

"Researchers ... in Spain have found that beer can help the body rehydrate better after a workout than water or Gatorade."

Apparently, the carbonation is a key factor, and the carbs help out, too.

■ Next, some good news for stroke survivors:

"A single injection, then a five-minute wait ... Now they're walking more steadily, reading more easily, concentrating better, speaking more clearly and regaining use of once-rigid limbs"

The secret? A 25mg shot of etanercept (an anti-inflammatory med). And the results?

"Of the total studied, more than 80 percent saw improvements in their ability to walk; more than 80 percent had less spasticity; and more than 85 percent exhibited improved motor function."

So if you (or someone you love) had a stroke, this may be just what the doctor orders.

■ Finally, the feel-good story of the week (or more), an early (and amazing) Valentine's Day gift. Forget flowers, candy and PJ's, here's a gift that truly keeps on giving:

"Three days before Valentine’s Day, a Florida woman gave her husband the most special gift of all ... Melissa DeGeso-Jones had her kidney transplanted at Florida Hospital in Orlando to her husband, James Jones, who has been suffering from renal failure."

His next major challenge? How does he top that?
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