Monday, February 11, 2013

The Social Problem of Medicaid Expansion

Avik Roy has done a good job explaining some of the financial misconceptions our Governor has used in proposing Medicaid Expansion in Ohio.

Not discussed are the common sense social problems with expanding it. Simply: why bother working? When I was younger and wanted money, I got a job. When that wasn't enough, or I wanted a new car or paid myself to go to school, I got a second job. There have been a couple times in my life I held had three jobs. 70 to 80 hour work weeks were not uncommon; even now, with one job, 70 hours is not uncommon.

Our present-day welfare state, on the other hand, discourages work. Work just a little, be sure to show less than $15,000 in income on paper, and you can qualify for all sorts of benefits:

·Free Health Insurance under Medicaid Expansion
·Free food and spending cash with your EBT card
·Housing assistance
·Utility Assistance
·Education Assistance

Why get a second job or work more hours and lose all the free benefits? I see McDonald's and other fast food companies that are looking for workers. How can we have this level of unemployment and demand for assistance but unfilled entry level jobs?  That is a sure sign government assistance has supplanted the need to work.

We might have a Republican Governor in Ohio but we need a Conservative to replace him.
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