Friday, February 08, 2013

Georgia On My Mind

The Peach State (wisely) opted out of Medicaid expansion and HIX (Health Insurance Exchange). But according to an article in the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) it seems the DOI and legislature want a hand in running HIX.
State lawmakers are calling for the licensing of health insurance navigators, who will help uninsured Georgians and businesses use the new federally-run online health insurance exchanges beginning this fall.
I thought the Golden Rule was in play here.

Those with the gold get to make the rules, and since HIX will be run by the feds, using their (our) money, seems like they can set the criteria, not the local boys.

“We support any effort to insure that individuals who may provide insurance advice to Georgia citizens are qualified to do so,” Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens said in a statement.
Under the bill, navigators would be required to go through 35 hours of training to be licensed and participate in continuing education to renew their licenses.
All well and good but I guess someone, possibly me, is missing the point since HIX in GA will be a federal employer.
Also of concern, Zeldin said, is language in the bill that limits navigators to only working with people and businesses that don’t currently have insurance.
“That seems more driven by a concern that it would take a commission away from (an insurance) broker…rather than the best interest of the consumer,” she said.
Another good idea that will benefit both the consumer and agent, but isn't it presumptious to think the Georgia gang get's a say in this matter?
What am I missing here?

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