Friday, February 01, 2013

Did Shecantbeserious Blink?

Perhaps, but any celebration over victory of her usurpation of the 1st Amendment is premature:

"[HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious and/or her minions] on Friday announced a broader opt-out for religious-affiliated groups that want to skirt the so-called contraceptive convenience item mandate ... Businesses like Hobby Lobby ... would probably not be affected by the change ... For those with insured plans, the insurer would be required to provide enrollees with "no-cost contraceptive coverage" through a separate policy."

As usual with these rocket surgeons, there's more exemptions than anything else. So who would likely benefit?

A much smaller list:

"[R]eligious nonprofits that object to the mandated coverage of contraceptives, one that will allow large faith-based hospitals and universities to issue plans that do not directly provide birth control coverage."

But even that's a cop-out, because they'll still be required to provide a "stand-alone, private insurance policy that would provide contraceptive coverage at no cost."

At "no cost" to whom?

Yeah, I know.

By the way, sharp-eyed readers will note that I elided over "self-insured plans, a third-party administrator would work with an insurer to set up no-cost coverage through other policies." Your patience will be rewarded.
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