Friday, February 15, 2013

Buyer's Remorse?


One wonders if folks are beginning to wake up to the cold, hard facts.


"It might seem odd that the law’s supporters should need to convince Americans to purchase a plan, given that those who don’t will be taxed. But the tax will be less expensive than the cost of coverage."

Asked and answered.

We've been saying this for quite a while (although, to be fair, so has everyone else with an IQ above double digits). There are so many ways to game the system - and of course, folks in states with Federally-run Exchanges get no subsidies, making compliance even more expensive - that it's hard to see why any of the PrObamaTax hordes will bother to participate.

Which won't stop them whining, of course, about the unfairness of it all. Oh, bother.
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