Monday, January 14, 2013

Stupid Patient Tricks - ER Edition

Stop me if you have heard this one. A guy walks in to the Emergency Room, complaining of a sore throat. Seems he swallowed something "that felt like a razor blade" while dining in a restaurant.

According to his account (posted on a community bulletin board) he "immediately went to the emergency room".
First thing they did was take my billing information and then told me to wait in the waiting room lobby. 

About one hour in a nurse took me to have an xray and then sent me back to the lobby and told me to wait to be called back to a room to see a doctor. 

I waited for three more hours for a total of four hours in the lobby. Several times I asked how much longer to no avail. 

Finally, frustrated I decided to go home and hope I will be ok because after four hours waiting and never even making it to a room must less seeing a doctor. 

I received two separate bills in the mail for this "visit" , one for the doctor of $500 and on for the xray of $1500. I never got treated nor did I see a doctor. How can I dispute this? The hospital has called me repeatedly demanding payment and I feel it is wrong to charge me for this. 

Yes, Tommy, the hospital was wrong to charge you for the use of their facilities including the X-ray machine and attendants. The triage attendant does not deserve to be paid, nor the X-ray technician
They took all of my insurance info and billing info before I ever got an xray. After giving my billing info a nurse took me back for an xray then sent me back out in the lobby. After four hours I was never consulted by a nurse or a doctor. I never seen the xray, and was never treated nor was I examined and no one went over the xray with me.

Really? Could it be because you walked out before they were through treating you?
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