Friday, December 28, 2012

The (Young) Invincibles

A year ago:

"Seventeen million young Americans would lose promised access to health insurance if the Supreme Court strikes down [ObamneyCare©]"

Oh the irony - it burns. Today:

"WellPoint and competitors have made concerted, well-publicized efforts to sell health coverage to the "Young Invincibles" ... who are not quite sure why they should buy health coverage."

But they have to - it's the law!

Really? It's a surprise that young people, inherently rebellious in nature, might not be too keen on paying for something they believe they'll never need? Hunh. Here's a clue, DC:

"A senior fellow at the National Opinion Research Center ... talked about "Calculated Risk Takers" -- uninsured, employed individuals ages 18 to 34 who have incomes over 400 percent of the federal poverty level ... If large numbers of healthy young adults fail to buy coverage, that could expose them to huge medical bills when they do get sick, and it could deprive health plans of premium revenue from young, generally healthy adults who could help offset the claims that older, sicker enrollees file." [emphasis added]

Let's translate this, shall we:

"Healthy young people would prefer to keep their own money rather than pay for their sick neighbors' medical insurance and care."

Sounds about right.

As we noted yesterday, however, Golden State politicos are in a quandary about how to implement their ObamaTax Exchange; they need the "yutes" on-board (the yutes' money, that is):

"Calculated Risk Takers are by far the least likely to purchase a plan compared to other groups"

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