Thursday, December 20, 2012

The ObamaTax and the MVNHS©

As our existing health care system winds down, it's worth noting how even the most vulnerable among us benefited from it:

"[D]uring my wife’s pregnancy with our second child ... this fight changed from political to personal. This is Zoe’s story.The doctors examining the ultrasounds consistently made unwelcome suggestions during the pregnancy. They would find something “abnormal” on a test, and request another scan. At the rescan, they would rule out the first concern, but find another."

Sad, yes, but a story that's told many times every day, due in large part to the incredible advances we've made in medical tech and the like.

"In May, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Three of her fingers were fused together ... We have met with various medical professionals to discuss treatment options. There were several possibilities discussed, and we were able to weigh these options for the best fit: Zoe’s surgery is scheduled for the day after Christmas."

So, a happy ending, no?

Well, for baby Zoe perhaps, but not her siblings or cousins yet-to-be:

"There will certainly be appointments before and after treatment that include the specialist and the primary care physician. Both offices are reporting that access to doctors is becoming more difficult. Both offices are reporting decreased options for medical services and for drug therapies. There is now a two-week wait for the doctor"

Wait a minute, Henry, this all sounds very familiar. Why is that?

Ah, so glad you asked:

"A seriously ill baby was forced to wait in an Accident and Emergency ward for more than 12 hours because there were no suitable beds available anywhere in the UK."

This is "health care" under a government-run  system. And it's only going to get worse in Jolly Ol' as "specialists yesterday warned the Department of Health about a national shortage of intensive care beds for children this winter."

Welcome to OUR future.
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