Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ObamaFees: Missed one!

Earlier today, we discussed the ObamaGotcha due in 2014, but inadvertently omitted one due in just a few weeks. The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) fee starts out at the low, low introductory rate of just $1 per insured per year, then doubles the next year (such a deal!), and is then further "indexed" (a Latin word meaning "increased") every year after that.

But Henry, it's such a small amount, and surely it's for a good cause, right?

You be the judge:

"The assessed fees are to be contributed to the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund (PDF) that will fund comparative effectiveness research. The research will evaluate and compare health outcomes and the clinical effectiveness, risks, and benefits of two or more medical treatments and/or services."

Of course, of course.

And we all know how well that line of reasoning works out.

By the way, the PCORI price tag? A cool $2.6 billion (that's with a B). Nice.

[Hat Tip: Medical Mutual of Ohio]
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