Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gold, the ObamaTax and Consequences

As in "The Golden State:"

"California officials are concerned that the federal government might scale back its share of the costs under [the ObamaTax] ... state officials fear that the Obama administration won't cover as much of the law's costs as initially planned."

What's so amusing about this is that the ObamaTax's official name includes the word "Affordable" yet California pols are only just now coming to understand that it is no such thing. They went ahead and (foolishly) set up their own Health Insurance Exchange, without fully realizing that the rules keep changing, and that they're going to be on the hook for implementing it.

As a direct result of how the ObamaTax is structured, "California is expecting a massive surge in its Medicaid rolls" which, of course, will be paid for (or not) by the state's citizenry.

As FoIB Patrick P (who tipped us to this story) puts it, "talk about a sure sign that the health care law is bad, even Moonbat Jerry Brown is worried!"

I'm thinking of a word...
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