Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vikings and The NSVHS©

Back in the day, Norway was known for Edvard Munch, Sonja Henie and Leif Ericson. But even the reviled Vidkun Quisling is most likely whirling in his grave over the current state of Norway's "health care" system:

"A man – let’s call him Joseph K. – is slicing up a cucumber when he suddenly cuts off the tip of his thumb. He hastens to the E.R., where a doctor clips off the finger of a plastic glove, pours antibiotic into it, slips it over the thumb, then wraps a bandage around the entire finger."

Ouch, but it gets worse. Fast forward a couple days:
"...the E.R. is simply not open at this hour. Until 3:30 P.M., the E.R. operates out of another location in the small, relatively remote town ... make an appointment if you insist, but you should know – there’s not always a doctor here!

What? There’s not always a doctor at the E.R.?

Yes, there’s not always a doctor here!
Such is care under the Norwegian government-run health care system. Regular IB readers won't be surprised to read this, but it's what we have to look forward to under the recently affirmed NSVHS© (Not So Vaunted Health System©), formerly known as ObamaCare. When the government runs things, there are always shortages - of doctors, medicines, hospital beds, you name it.

Well, to be fair, not everything is in short supply: nameless, faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats are rife (if not readily accessible). As Bob's noted on many occasions, this kind of system is a real bargain - until you need it.

[Hat Tip: Joe B]
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