Monday, November 12, 2012

Shecantbeserious backpedals

Hurry up and wait:

"Health and Human Services Secretary [Shecantbeserious] said in a letter to governors Friday that she still wants to hear by the end of next week if states will be setting up new health insurance markets under the law ... states can now take another month, until mid-December, to submit detailed blueprints."

Those of the 58 states that are looking to partner up with DC for their Exchanges have until next February. Or later, one supposes, since there's really very little Mme Secretary can do to make them fall in line.

Which is perhaps a good thing, since at least one state (and likely several others) are going to find it, um, challenging to comply.

How's that, Henry?

Well, as Cato's Michael Cannon reports, "operating an ObamaCare exchange would violate [Ohio's] constitution."

This would seem an insurmountable problem, but there may be more to it. As it's Veteran's Day, I've had to put off until tomorrow my call to the Ohio Insurance commish asking about how this might play out. Looking forward to posting any results forthwith.
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