Monday, November 19, 2012

Die, Baby, Die (MVNHS© Edition)!

Turns out, it's not just our Neighbors to the North whose health care "system" has no real use for the weakest among us. Across the pond, the Brits' Much Vaunted National Health System© has its eye on the prize, as well:

"A mother has described how her baby was left to die 'like an abandoned animal' after hospital doctors repeatedly ignored her desperate pleas for help."

Hayley Fullerton, barely a year old, had survived a major heart procedure, but experienced complications that left her struggling to breathe. Her mother tried, desperately but unsuccessfully, to get those compassionate government health care "providers" to even look at the little girl.

Of course, they couldn't be bothered.

Nearly 3 years later, an official inquest concluded that "there had been 'serious failings' in Hayley's care."

Um, dunh?

Oh, but there's a bright side:

"Birmingham Children's Hospital admitted full liability for her 'avoidable' death."

See, everything's doddle!

[Hat Tip: Power Line]
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