Monday, October 29, 2012

Yikes! Obamacare Is Even More Unpopular Now than in 2010 [UPDATED]

"Americans support [PPACA] repeal by an even wider margin than they did in the immediate aftermath of its highly unpopular passage ... by a margin of 15 percentage points (54 to 39 percent), likely voters now support the repeal of President Obama’s centerpiece legislation.  In the first three polls taken in the wake of the House’s passage of Obamacare (on March 21, 2010), Rasmussen showed that likely voters then favored repeal by margins of 13 points (55 to 42 percent), 12 points (54 to 42 percent), and 12 points (54 to 42 percent)"

I seem to recall a time when the political leadership claimed that they had to pass PPACA so that we can find out what is in it. 

We are finding out.  The apparent result is this steadily growing opposition.  

Fail. BIG fail.

UPDATE [From HGS]: To get an idea why this plan is so hated, here's a link to an interactive timeline of its implementation. Notice that the plan we had to "pass to learn what's in it" comprises over 50 "checkpoints," from Adoption Assistance to taxes on "Mercedes" "Cadillac" plans.
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