Friday, October 26, 2012

Let's play Guess Who?

OK sports fans, here are three paragraphs from an interview with a brilliant and well-known college professor.

I’m quoting these paragraphs here only because in the course of the interview - which is mostly focused on other things - the conversation eventually comes around to ObamaCare.  And then the professor really lets loose.

Aside from the interesting points made about ObamaCare, my question is:  based on the following three paragraphs, can you name the professor?

“. . . Obamacare: of course, we need health care reform in this country. What a mess! Everyone agrees about that. But the Obamacare is, to me, a Stalinist intrusion — okay? — into American culture.”

You don't want government agencies being empowered to intrude into people's lives like this. The controlling force in Obamacare is the IRS! Okay? This flies in the face of what the Free Speech Movement was about at Berkeley or about any of the values, I feel, of my generation.”

I don't see progressives. All I see is white upper-middle-class liberals who speak in this unctuous way about the needs of the poor.  They have no connection whatever with the working class. Okay? It's the professional class gone amok. And that's why they don't notice what a bureaucratic nightmare Obamacare is.“

Here is the source.  I think many readers will be surprised.

(The ObamaCare remarks begin at 12:38)
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