Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Morning Linkage

■ FoIB Holly R tips us to this potentially helpful news for dog-owning diabetics:

"Diabetes alert dogs have become a burgeoning industry in which highly-trained golden retrievers go for as much as $20,000. But some trainers are now trying to harness the lifesaving potential of the family pet."

Old dogs, new tricks, lives saved. Sounds like a win-win.

In a surprising move, Minnesota's Democrat Governor Mark Dayton has shifted responsibility for setting up his state's ObamaTax Exchange from the Insurance Commissioner to the Minnesota Management and Budget office:

"[The Gov] cited conflict of interest issues between the State Insurance (Commerce) Department and the exchange as the reason ... Dayton raised the possibility that the discussion of removing insurance regulators from overseeing exchange management could occur in other states as well."


As we wrap up LIAM, maybe it's best to begin at the, um, beginning:

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