Thursday, September 06, 2012

Scorpion Stings Twice

Arizona resident Marcie Edmonds was cleaning out her garage when she was stung by a scorpion. When her throat tightened and vision blurred she went to Chandler Regional Hospital for emergency treatment. While in the ER she was administered Anascorp anti-venom to counteract the poison in her system.

Edmonds was given two doses of the drug administered through an IV drip and was discharged after just three hours once her symptoms subsided.
Weeks later a bill for $83,046 dropped through her Ahwatukee Foothills letterbox.
Daily Mail, "Woman stung by $83k bill", August 2012

The hospital was charging her and Humana (her insurance carrier) $39,652 per dose. Total bill for treatment came to $83,046.

Her carrier paid $57,509 leaving her owing $25,537.

As is that isn't bad enough, here is the real stinger.

The anti-venom is available in Mexican pharmacies for $100 per dose.
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