Thursday, September 13, 2012

MVNHS© still swirling

As we continue our inexorable march off the ObamaCare cliff, it may be instructive to note how such a plan fares "in the real world:"

Turns out, when the government runs health "care," people die. That's because care is secondary to rules, and docs aren't incented to put patients' needs first:

"[D]octors’ shifts are limited by the European Working Time Directive and they do not want to work anti-social hours."

In fact, the Much Vaunted National Health Service© just killed off over a thousand seniors, which just has to be good for the ol' bottom line. That's due to the fact that some 70% of hospital beds are occupied by "over-65's." Since the US now has over 10,000 citizens a day turning that magic age, the Brits have company in that regard.

Add to that the existing shortage of hospital beds under MVNHS© "management," and one can see where selective thinning of the senior herd may be desireable.

But hey, it's just economics, nothing personal.
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