Monday, August 20, 2012

MVNHS©: Come die with us

This is what happens when faceless, nameless, unaccountable bureauweenies are in charge of health care:

Under the Much Vaunted National Health System©, "trusts" (the oxymoronic term that the MVNHS© uses for "hospitals"), must meet strict guidelines when rationing health care, usually to the detriment of those allegedly receiving that care (or not). It's hard to fault the folks repsonsible for enforcing those targets, since they're tasked with doing so, and their own livelihoods depend on how those numbers stack up.

Still, that's scant consolation to (for example), the "[f]our members of one family. including a new-born baby girl [who] died within 18 months after of blunders at the hospital."

One might think, based on that example alone, that bureaucratic heads would roll. One would be wrong:

"Not a single official has been disciplined over the worst-ever NHS hospital scandal"

Yet this is precisely the system being implemented here under ObamaCare. Ms Shecantbeserious must be gleeful.
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