Thursday, August 16, 2012

The New Normal

Free health insurance. Free physical exams. Free pass regardless of pre-existing conditions. In a perfect world . . .

The promises and hype of Obamacare is beginning to tarnish. Support has dwindled, so much so that the administration is still compelled to try and "SELL" the plan to the American public.

Makes you wonder.

If Obamacare is so great, why did it take a year of behind the scenes arm twisting and public sales pitches. Almost 3 years later the pitch continues.

Are you having trouble finding a doctor who will see you? If not, give it another year and a half. A doctor shortage is on its way.
Most provisions of the Obama health law kick in on Jan. 1, 2014. Within the decade after that, an additional 30 million people are expected to acquire health plans—and if the economic studies are correct, they will try to double their use of the health-care system.
Meanwhile, the administration never seems to tire of reminding seniors that they are entitled to a free annual checkup. Its new campaign is focused on women. Thanks to health reform, they are being told, they will have access to free breast and pelvic exams and even free contraceptives. Once ObamaCare fully takes effect, all of us will be entitled to a long list of preventive services—with no deductible or copayment.
Here is the problem: The health-care system can't possibly deliver on the huge increase in demand for primary-care services. The original ObamaCare bill actually had a line item for increased doctor training. But this provision was zeroed out before passage, probably to keep down the cost of health reform. The result will be gridlock.

WSJ, "Why the Doctor Can't See You", August, 2012.
An there is this inconvenient truth . . .
When demand exceeds supply in a normal market, the price rises until it reaches a market-clearing level. But in this country, as in other developed nations, Americans do not primarily pay for care with their own money. They pay with time.
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