Monday, August 27, 2012

MVNHS©: It's for the chillun' (or maybe not)

The Much Vaunted National Health Service©, not content with killing off hospital-bound victims patients, has set its sights a bit lower:

"[MVNHS©] won't pay for child cancer treatment that 'cuts deaths by 25% - Some British parents are taking their children to the US to receive a three-drug treatment"

Question: Why does President Obama hate British children?

The Brits are "refusing to fund a treatment for one of the most common cancers suffered by children." That's actually a bit misleading: under a nationalized health care scheme, "refusing to pay" means "denying treatment to." It's a terrifically (or horrifically, depending on one's perspective) efficient means of rationing care. And, of course, it's exactly how ObamaCare is designed to work.

Oh well, it's just kids, right?
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