Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pinning Hopes on Promises

Georgia residents Liz Johnson and Robert Irby have diabetes and no health insurance. They had health insurance in the past . . . a high deductible plan with BCBSGA but they dropped it when the premium increased.

Johnson and Irby will be eligible for the state Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, created for ‘’high risk’’ individuals like themselves. More than 1,000 Georgians with health conditions belong to this new health plan. The couple must be uninsured for six months before joining PCIP. 
Johnson says she has looked into the PCIP and says, “It might be cheaper than what we had.’’
In addition, beginning in 2014, health plans will be barred from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, and also won’t be able to charge them discriminatory premiums. And people with health problems and individual policies will be able to access private coverage through an insurance exchange, which should lower premiums for many consumers buying on their own
They are in fact eligible for PCIP. The premiums for the Standard option is $470 each.
Instead of signing up for PCIP they are "hoping nothing goes wrong".
PCIP is one area of Obamacare that actually works . . . as long as you sign up for it. Otherwise you live with the hope that your health won't change.

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