Monday, June 25, 2012

Will SCOTUS striking down ACA cause for reflection?

It amazes me how often I see comments like this from Jodi Kantor of the NY Times:

 The article in whole is about SCOTUS striking down all or part of Obama's Affordable Care Act, something these same people said was impossible. To question the constitutionality of ACA was dismissed and ridiculed; yet here we are today widely expecting just that to happen.

When will people like Jodi realize they are idiots, the problem is not the aggressive courts or divisive politics? They just don't understand healthcare or the law and thus tend to get analysis wrong. Just as the ACA was always unconstitutional, Death Panels were always a legitimate concern, Jodi just isn't intelligent enough to understand why.

We can only hope that people like Jodi Kantor take some time after the court ruling and reflect on why, once again, they got it wrong and make the connection to their lack of talent. Jodi could have had a perfectly accurate article if she had left that partial sentence out, yet for some reason they always feel compelled to over reach and show just how little they know.
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