Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TravelMed Apps

So you're taking that long-awaited cruise. Or flying to Italy for a week in the Tuscan sun. Or perhaps you're finally taking that ride on the Orient Express. Problem is, you have a few pills you take every morning, maybe a couple others at bedtime.

Or perhaps you have a more extensive health history, and worry about needing your medical records at a moment's notice.

Yeah, there's an app for that:

"Travelers can tap into technology before the trip begins, by storing information that can help ensure the right care is delivered if health issues crop up."

Everything from your most recent chest x-rays to pill and injection reminders can be loaded (or accessed) on your smartphone. For those tech-averse among us, there are also paper-based forms (even laminated cards with your info) that you can download, print-out and carry with you.

And for those who fret that their portable medical apparatus might be a problem, what with stricter luggage allowances, the TSA has a helpful site that explains how items like CPAP machines are exempt.

There's even an emergency care provider locator app available for folks who find themelves in unfamiliar surroundings while sporting a broken limb or major chest pains.

Pretty cool New World, indeed.

[Hat Tip: FoIB Holly R]
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