Thursday, June 21, 2012

Propaganda Never Dies

Commenting on another blog I came across an all too familiar problem:
Ignoring the debatable opinion in the first paragraph, it is the highlighted part that is really the problem. Since HIPAA passed in 1996 small groups are not only guaranteed issued but the rates are capped meaning sick groups are subsidized by healthier groups. As Kaiser shows all 57 States have Guarantee issue up to 50 lives; the only variable is does it start at one or two. Husband and wife is two, so no matter what state she lives in they are guaranteed insurance.

Maybe this is Darwin's way to prevent people from starting businesses that shouldn't, but it is concerning that people with these misbeliefs are voting. If someone wants to start a business so badly but is stopped by a problem that doesn't exist to what measure will they go to solve this imaginary problem?
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