Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Morning LinkFest

We recently learned how resveratrol, a compound found (for example) in red wines, works. But that's not all: turns out, it's also potentially useful in combating the effects of Alzheimer's.

The 'web can be a very useful and powerful tool for critiquing vendors, but be careful whom you critique and how:

"Two years ago, Dennis Laurion logged on to a rate-your-doctor website to vent about a Duluth, Minnesota neurologist ... McKee wasn't amused. He sued Laurion for defamation"

It may well be that the truth is a valid defense, but prudence is always a valid idea.

From FoIB Jeff M, we learn that upcoming Medicare changes are going to be very costly for at least one hospital - and the odds are good that this isn't going to be an exclusive club.

Is this something? The Feds are starting to "audit" ObamneyCare© compliance, including double-checking "grandfathering" status.
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