Monday, May 21, 2012

ObamneyCare© Updates

While we wait for the SCOTUS ruling on whether or not any of this will really matter. HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious and her minions continue inexorably on their way towards full implementation. To wit:

■ From the "Death and/or Taxes" Department:

"Final regulations for implementing the health insurance purchase tax credit provisions in [ObmaneyCare©] are set to appear in the Federal Register Wednesday [the 23rd]. "

The income redistribution scheme subsidy program is designed to make the unaffordable health insurance premiums less unaffordable, except for those who must actually pay for coverage.

FoIB Jeff M alerts us to this news from the Mountain State:

"West Virginia is peering over the cliff of a Medicaid funding shortfall ... Medicaid goes into FY 2013 with a slight budget surplus, but FY 2014 poses a $236 million shortfall, “which is daunting."

2014? What could possibly be on tap for 2014 that would create such a major budget crisis?

'Tis a puzzler.

And, finally, from Dr Brad Flansbaum, this story from The Gray Lady on how small business owners are trying to cope with the onsalught of new regs and requirements being handed down by Ms Shecantbeserious and Co:

"During the most recent meeting of our business group, we asked the owners to talk about how they are handling this increasingly complicated, costly and uncertain issue."

It's an interesting discussion.
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