Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's for the ObamaKids©

Gotta give the proponents of ObamneyCare© credit: they're still pushing the lies. Hard. Having previously recruited Matlock to take the case to senior citizens, they've now taken aim at another kind of senior, 12th graders:

"In a press announcement released [Monday], HHS stated that HHS Secretary Kathleen [Shecantbeserious] and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan “are reaching out to campus leaders to remind graduating high school, college and university seniors about their new health insurance options under [ObamneyCare©].


And what, exactly, are those options? Well, thanks to Kathy and her boss, child-only major medical plans are extinct (and have been for  a while). So-called "adult children" can snag a ride on their folks' policy, but at a greatly inflated cost. So much for flying the nest.

Irony abounds as well in that colleges are now dropping student health insurance plans (good riddance, by the way), leaving these new graduates with fewer choices than ever. And, of course, the employer mandate's going to leave them with fewer group health plan options.

But Henry, at least smaller employers will continue to offer affordable health insurance plans, what with the great ObamneyCare© tax breaks, right?

Um, no:

"Fewer small employers claimed the Small Employer Health Insurance Tax Credit in tax year 2010 than were estimated to be eligible ... According to employer representatives, tax preparers, and insurance brokers that GAO met with, the credit was not large enough to incentivize employers to begin offering insurance."

Shocking, ain't it?
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