Thursday, May 10, 2012

From the P&C Files: Marvel-ous insurance

The recently released blockbuster "The Avengers" is (apparently) filled with excitement, mayhem and thrills. But have you ever wondered what kind of damage those great battle scenes might wreak in real life?

Me, either (hey, it's suspended disbelief, after all).

Still, some folks do ponder these things, and I'm kinda glad they do. Else how would we know, for instance, the kind of hits insurers might face if these were real claims (assuming they were covered in the first place):

"Nick Fury and “The Avengers” save the world from imminent doom ... but in real life ... would cost New York City a fortune in the process"

Total (hypothetical) price tag?

"Real-life ‘Avengers’ would cost New York $160 billion in damages"

Still skeptical?

Oh ye of little faith:

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