Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Speaking of Health Care and Buses...

Following on the (w)heels of Monday's post about mobile hangover care, we have this breast cancer-related item:

"An industry known for selling sex is doing its part to save women’s breasts – as well as their lives. Porn star Bree Olson ... used her assets to raise awareness for breast cancer by hosting a breast exam bus tour around New York City"

According to the American Cancer Society, almost 40,000 women are estimated to die from breast cancer this year. How many of these could be prevented with a simple screening?

And there's this: ObamneyCare© mandates that health insurance policies cover preventive screenings (mammograms) with no deductible or co-pay. So there's very little excuse for putting that off.

But a mammogram-bus?

Hey, whatever it takes to get the word out.
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