Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Afternoon LinkFest

■ On the tech front, Humana's developed a new app "that helps employees make sound healthcare decisions." Over the next few years, according to Humana, more than a half a billion folks will be using their smart phones to help them manage their health care.

Who knew?

■ From the "Scant Comfort" files:

"Cost increases for health care are perhaps finally slowing down, with employer health benefit expenditures not expected to increase in 2012 at the same explosive growth in recent years. Costs for all types of medical plans are expected to increase by 9.9% for 2012"

This is what drives me so crazy: it is not health care costs, it's health insurance costs, you moronic cretins. And these folks are supposed to be a premier industry resource?


■ FoIB Holly R tips us to this item from the "Department of D'uh:"

"Hospitals targeting well-insured patients, report says ... Targeted expansion to “capture” well-insured patients is a hot trend across the country ... Hospitals that are dominant in their market are the most likely to be pursuing geographic expansion"

For real?

And this is a surprise, why?

Of course hospitals (and any other provider that wants to stay in business) needs to shore up their revenues, and it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know that increasing services and/or locations is the way to go.
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