Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ObamneyCare© and the MVNHS©: Twin sons...

Back in the late 70's, two really talented guys got together and created some timeless tunes. Their first collaboration was an incentive for a host of others who followed in their footsteps.

And so it is with the Much Vaunted National Health System© and ObamneyCare©. While the legal future of the latter is playing out as we speak, the former is well-established, and provides us a first-hand look at our own future under the bill we had to pass to learn what's in it:

"Thousands of elderly people are dying unnecessarily early because “despicable” age discrimination in the NHS is denying them treatment for cancer ... A lack of treatment or insufficient treatment is contributing to 14,000 deaths a year in people over the age of 75"

In England, they call that the NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence). Here it's known as the IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board). They are, however, twin sons of different mothers.

Not exactly music to these ears.

[Hat Tip: PowerLine]

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