Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Actually, this is almost exactly what we've been preaching here at IB for over 7 years:

"[GOProud] argues that the problem with our tax code isn't just that it discriminates against gays. It's that it discriminates against every American who doesn't have his or her health insurance through an employer."

Hear, hear!

What the GOPRoud folks propose is something quite radical: equality. That is, a system where health insurance should not only not be tied to employment, but that everyone who buys a policy should get the same tax break as employers do now.

And they're also against "one-size-fits-all" insurance plans:

"We want a system where individuals and couples can make their own health-care decisions. Health-care needs are too important to be left to the discriminatory whims of a third party."

Now, they're also in favor of cross-state insurance sales, about which we're ambivalent: Bob, for example, has argued persuasively that opening up sales across state lines is no great shakes, while Mike favors lifting those restrictions.


Kudos to GOProud.
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