Friday, February 03, 2012

Unfortunate missed opportunity [UPDATED]

Ever heard of an "Interstate Compact?" Me either, but they're (apparently) for real:

"A voluntary arrangement between two or more states that is designed to solve their common problems and that becomes part of the laws of each state."

There are some hoops through which to jump, but they're authorized under Article I, Section 10, Clause 3, of the Constitution.

That's very interesting, Henry, but why are you telling us this?

Glad you asked:

The Ohio Health Care Compact‏ folks went to a great deal of trouble to produce that video (and rather nicely done, too), and to set up a reasonably navigable website, complete with a contact form.

Which, apparently, no one actually monitors, because we availed ourselves of it earlier this week, expressing interest and support, and have yet to receive any reply.

'Tis a shame, really.

UPDATE: We've just heard from the OHCC folks, and have asked to interview one of the honchos. We'll keep you posted...
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