Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slippery Slope?

Building on Bob's post from yesterday, reporting that health insurance policies will now have to offer first-dollar coverage for birth control, we learn that the MVNHS© (upon which Obamneycare© is based), has a glimpse of the next step:

"Six children in Britain will be given jabs to delay the puberty on the NHS because they are convinced they were born the wrong sex... It will also make any sex-change operation far easier should they decide to permanently swap gender."

This will come as no surprise to regular IB readers:

"The number of sex change operations carried out on the NHS has almost tripled in the last eight years."

As with IVF, neither birth control nor sex-change procedures are medically necessary, but (as we've pointed out again and again), all of these mandated "benefits" add to the cost of health insurance.

But hey, they're "free," right?
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