Monday, December 19, 2011

MVNHS©: So sue me!

As we've so often documented (most recently here), The Much Vaunted National Health System© is primarily concerned with depriving its "clients" of actual care. This is the natural and inevitable result of a government-run health "care" system, so it's hardly surprising to read that (at least) one hospital is now the target of litigation based on its (alleged) egregious misconduct:

"Lawyers are planning a "class action" on behalf of 23 families who contacted them with "shocking" claims of indignities and the most basic failings in care ... A 35-year-old father-of-four who ... wasted away because staff did not know how to fit a feeding tube ... A man who fell into a coma after contracting E.coli, apparently from a filthy catheter"

In other words, typical government-provided health "care." And these apparently represent only "the tip of the iceberg." In some cases, patient dehydration had grown so rampant that doctors were forced to prescribe dihydrogen monoxide.

Of course, that's when health "care" providers could actually be found: "Buzzers went unanswered, several patients were left sitting in soaking bedclothes for hours, or in their own faeces."

Good thing that won't happen here.

[Hat Tip: PowerLine]
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