Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Selfless vs Selfish

Last night I happened to catch the premiere of a new game show with a pretty cool premise: all the winnings would go to the contestant's best friend "Because She Deserved It." To introduce the deserving single mother of three, we were treated to a quick bio, which included the fact that her late husband was selfish and irresponsible.

Of course, they didn't couch it this way, but consider the facts: he (apparently) had no life insurance, and decided to go scuba diving alone - at night - leaving a young widow and three fatherless daughters. Mom struggles to pay the bills, and lives in constant fear that she or her daughters will become ill. Why is that? Because he also didn't arrange for them to have health insurance.

Having had enough of that, I hit the remote and was treated to this outstanding commercial from State farm:

Yes, it's funny, but it's also illustrative of a father who does care about his family. That's how responsible dads operate.
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