Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Condoms and Health Insurance

By the time 2014 rolls around you can buy health insurance almost anywhere, including possibly your local drug store.

Seems everyone wants to get into the act and become "navigators" to help consumers find the right government approved health insurance plan.

Health insurance carriers are making their pitch to remain active marketers in the brave, new world.

But there are others who want to jump on the wagon as well.

Less obvious health industry groups also have a big interest in how the Obama administration sets the rules.

That includes pharmacy chain CVS Caremark, which has 7,200 drug stores across the country. The company has petitioned the Obama administration for rules that would allow its employees, such as pharmacists and nurse practitioners, help consumers navigate the exchange and purchase health insurance.

Yeah, that will work.

"Gimme a pack of gum, some deodorant, a pack of condoms and that bronze health insurance plan."

Why not put them in vending machines too?
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